Certified Advanced Adventure Facilitator - Occasional Graphic Recorder

Travis Allison hates mushy fruit but loves jam.

It’s not just fruit that Travis thinks about in great detail.   His creative and conscientious persona has made him a keynote speaker at conferences across the US and Canada.

Travis also believes it's his job to inspire organizational leaders across the world to be passionate about taking care of their people. 

laura graphic facilitator.jpeg


Graphic Recorder / Facilitator


Laura is a founder of Camp Stomping Ground, an organization that has forever changed how the camping world programs its camps and connects with one another. She is fascinated with finding better ways to give young people autonomy, structure environments that encourage honest connections, and allow self-directed skill development.

A sought after speaker, Laura has presented and shared at conferences across the US and Canada. Focusing on visuals and dot connecting, Laura is graphic facilitator and classically trained artist.



Florida 4-H
The Giles School
Presbyterian Church USA
Wanakee UMC
Tri-State Camp Conference
YMCA Mid America Camp Conference
ACA Illinois